Struggling with OSHA Compliance and ever-changing Test to Stay Guidance?
We have helped essential businesses stay open since Day 1 of the COVID-19 Pandemic. App-free rapid deployment that is flexible to your needs.
"After switching over to Take Action, we had a district wide response rate of 80% on day one ... it has been a true pleasure to work with this team as they have helped make this challenging time less difficult. I give my highest recommendation to all school districts looking to add this feature to their safety protocols."
Superintendent of Schools
Everything changed when COVID-19 struck. Reopening schools was no different.

IMBA Medical, launched  the TAKE ACTION COVID-19 module and configured a solution now considered best-in-class for the education sector. Learn more
"They provide our administrators meaningful data in a user friendly format each morning. They have been responsive to the needs of our leadership team and they are exceptional communicator.s"
Superintendent of Schools
We started helping essential businesses stay open from Day 1.

Join the growing list of organizations that have taken the steps to make sure that they are re-opening safely. Take Action can help you keep your workplace safer – start now. FREE for organizations with less than 10 employees!
"The implementation of Take Action has streamlined our screening process. The platform gives us access to actionable data used to identify and respond to staff who need additional screening prior to entering our buildings.”
Superintendent of Schools
We all miss it ... 

The sound of the players - roar of the crowds. Get back to playing again safely. Ensure that only guests who have CLEAR statuses can enter your venue and simplify contact tracing for your venue staff.
Get the 8 Step Guide to Symptom Screening

We've assembled some of the most complete toolkits for people to help to keep their workplace, colleagues and clients safer during COVID-19 and beyond. Get immediate and FREE access to videos, checklists and more. Here's a sneak peak at Step 1 in the Guide
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